Trigonometry Tutor Garden City NY 11530

Trigonometry Tutor Garden City NY 11530

Trigonometry Tutoring in the Garden City Area

Trigonometry is a smaller branch of math, but do not be fooled by the word "smaller", because it does not mean that it is not confusing for some students. If your adolescent is one of the many that finds Trigonometry challenging, then you have come to the right place. A Trigonometry Math Tutor will assist your child in pinpointing what it is they do not understand in order to fix the problem.

An Explanation of Trigonometry and Why it is Important

Most high school students study Trigonometry during their sophomore or junior year. Some high schools choose to pair Trigonometry with another math course such as Algebra 2. The most basic definition of Trigonometry states that it is the study of the angles and sides of a triangle, how they relate and the function of the angles. The main topic studied during Trigonometry is trigonometric functions for which there are six called sine, cosine, secant, cosecant, tangent and cotangent. As your child moves through this class, they may also study:
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Laws of the Trigonometric Functions
  • Trigonometric Substitutions
  • Trigonometric Polynomials
  • Pythagorean Theorem
Your child will need to study this course before they are able to understand and learn higher levels of math such as Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Once again, one math course builds upon another, and the previous course becomes a foundation for the next. If the foundation is not solid, then your child will not be success at the next level of math, and this is why a math tutor is so valuable.

It is because Trigonometry is concerned with how the angles and sides of a triangle relate to each other, as well as the function of the angles, that this branch of math can be seen in many different fields of study and in everyday life. Static, a branch of physics, uses Trigonometry to determine the force of an object and the strength needed to move that object. Pilots utilize satellite navigation, made possible with trigonometric math, to get to a destination. Trigonometry is also used to create the color fields of computer images.

How a Trigonometry Tutoring Will Help Your Child

If your child is having trouble understanding the basics of Trigonometry, then they may need a review of math concepts leading up to this class. They are more than likely struggling with the ideas they learned in Algebra and Geometry, and this is making it hard for them to understand the basics of Trigonometry.

Basic ideas and concepts may not be a problem for them though, and they find they are struggling with the more advanced topics of the class. This could mean they need guidance as they learn these new ideas.

Regardless of the reason, if your adolescent finds Trigonometry a challenge they cannot work through on their own, Trigonometry Math Tutoring can help. A tutor, such as Jacqueline will be able to quickly recognize the root of your child's problem and make an individualized tutoring plan to get the back on track with their math coursework.

Throughout the tutoring process, your child may need your encouragement. You may not know a great deal about the course itself, but you can help to keep them on track with these tips and ideas:
  • Look for ways to show them how Trigonometry applies to everyday life.
  • Encourage them to practice their math problems on a daily basis.
  • Learn some basic Trigonometry so that you can help them too.
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"Jacqueline is an amazing tutor and teacher of math. She is kind, considerate, and sincerely cares about the progress of my oldest son, who started falling behind when he enrolled in sports.

We didn't want to take him off  the team because of his grades, so hiring a Math Tutor was a perfect solution for us.

Jacqueline not only improved is his grades in math, but also gave him study habits for his other subjects.

Now, our son does well in school and sports."

-Jenny Z.
Garden City
Contact Garden City Math Tutor Jacqueline Muoio for Trigonometry Tutoring in Your Home

Contact Garden City Math Tutor Jacqueline Muoio for Trigonometry Tutoring in Your Home

Jacqueline Muoio brings years of experience as well as a love for teaching and math to her tutoring sessions. Her experience teaching will help your child understand difficult math concept, and her passion will motivate them to learn.

Please contact Jacqueline for a free consultation and more information about her Trigonometry Math Tutoring services.

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