Pre-Algebra Tutor Garden City NY 11530

Pre-Algebra Tutor Garden City NY 11530

Pre-Algebra Tutoring in the Garden City Area

If you are a parent seeking math help from a pre-algebra math tutor such as Jacqueline Muoio, you are invested in finding your child the help they need. This may or may not be the first time you are seeking math help for your child, but know that it is not unusual for a child, who has no history of difficulty with math, to struggle once they begin learning foundational algebra concepts. This is because this type of math is the point where many new and abstract math ideas are introduced.

An Explanation of Pre-Algebra and Its Importance

Typically, pre-algebra is a subject most students take during middle school. If your child is taking this class, they are learning about a whole new set of math rules they have never seen before. Pre-algebra is often when math starts to really take on the characteristic of its own language involving not only numbers but letters as well. Some of the concepts your child is learning about include:
  • Absolute Value
  • Decimal Expansion
  • Function Graphs
  • Integers
  • Introduction to Linear Equations
  • Least Common Multiple
  • Percentages
  • Polynomials
  • Problem Solving
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Rational and Irrational Numbers
  • Series and Sets
  • Square Numbers and Roots
Does any of this sound familiar or are you more confused than ever? How you feel may be just a small taste of how your adolescent is feeling- overwhelmed by so many new concepts.

In order for them to advance to higher levels of math, they must learn all of the above concepts. Pre-algebra is the precursor to other courses in algebra, and it lays the foundation for other types of math. Your child will not be able to avoid this subject for this reason. Also, they will not be able to avoid this subject because many of its concepts can be found in everyday life. We use it to calculate finances, make estimates for a budget, and to calculate the distance between two or more points.

How Pre-Algebra Math Tutoring Will Help Your Child

You may have tried to help your middle school student yourself, but have difficulty remembering and understanding what they are learning. You are not the only parent that has trouble helping their child with math. When you think about it, you studied pre-algebra years ago, and unless you use it on a daily basis, it is only normal that you do not remember everything.

Ultimately, pre-algebra math tutoring from Jacqueline Muoio will get a student off to the right start with learning the basic algebra concepts. The right start means success in math in the future. It is hard when your child is just a middle school student to picture them going off to college, but they will be there before you know it. In college they will need a good foundation in math in order to help them understand their math studies. Believe it or not, that foundation begins now with pre-algebra.

Jacqueline will work alongside your child as they study. When they have a problem with a math step, she will give them the tools they need to solve it with confidence. Practice makes perfect, but practicing in new and different ways makes for even better results.
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"Jacqueline is an amazing tutor and teacher of math. She is kind, considerate, and sincerely cares about the progress of my oldest son, who started falling behind when he enrolled in sports.

We didn't want to take him off  the team because of his grades, so hiring a Math Tutor was a perfect solution for us.

Jacqueline not only improved is his grades in math, but also gave him study habits for his other subjects.

Now, our son does well in school and sports."

-Jenny Z.
Garden City
Contact Garden City Pre-Algebra Math Tutor Jacqueline Muoio for a Free Consultation

Contact Garden City Pre-Algebra Math Tutor Jacqueline Muoio for a Free Consultation

Jacqueline Muoio has many years of experience tutoring math, and she is passionate about teaching. She will work with your child to identify the concepts they are having difficulty with and make a plan of action. Her math tutoring services will help your child establish and build the confidence they need to tackle all types of math throughout their schooling.

Contact us for a free consultation to find out more about how Jacqueline's math tutoring services can help your child.

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