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Math Tutoring Services in Garden City NY and the Local Area

With years of experience tutoring math, Jacqueline can help your child to understand confusing math concepts. The following are a list of subjects she tutors and some of their basic concepts:
  • Pre-Algebra: In this class your child will build the foundation for their studies in Algebra. Students are introduced to algebraic formulas, linear equations, polynomials and Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Algebra: Math learning will not end with Algebra because this class is needed to understand higher levels of math. Students will deepen their knowledge of algebraic equations and formulas, polynomials, Pythagorean Theorem and linear functions.
  • Algebra 2: Your child will continue their study of algebraic concepts in this class. They will learn harder concepts such as quadratic equations and exponential functions.
  • Pre-Calculus: Often times this class is both a review of previous math courses as well as an introduction to Calculus. Students review Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.
  • Calculus: This is where your child will need a very strong foundation from other math courses. Concepts such as derivatives and limits are main topics in Calculus.
  • Geometry: In order to build up to higher levels of mathematical understanding, your child learns about formulas to determine the area, length and volume of various geometric shapes.
  • Trigonometry: This is a smaller area of math, but it is an essential one. Students mainly focus on trigonometric functions and identities.
  • SAT Math Preparation: This may be one of the most important reasons to get a math tutor. The scores your adolescent receives on their SAT can determine their next step in life.
Contact Jacqueline for Math Tutoring Garden City NY 11530
Contact Jacqueline for Math Tutoring in Garden City

Contact Jacqueline for Math Tutoring in Garden City

All too often, parents learn their children need a math tutor long after they take action. In my experience, time is usually an important consideration, because of the amount of tutoring time required to prepare for upcoming school, state, and college acceptance tests.We have to find where your child fell behind, catch up, and then stay current. Of course, we will work together to make this happen as best as we can.

Please contact me today, so we can get started as soon as possible.

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