Algebra Tutor Garden City NY 11530

Algebra Tutor in Garden City NY 11530

Algebra Tutoring in the Garden City Area

If you are here, looking for an Algebra Tutor in the Garden City, NY area, then your child is having difficulty with math beyond what you are able to understand. First, know that it is very normal for an adolescent to struggle with the difficult math concepts found in an Algebra class.

It may be they are struggling with new concepts and ideas, or they may need some help solidifying some weak areas in order to move on with confidence. Again, all of this is normal and manageable with the help of a tutor.

An Explanation of Algebra and Why it is Important

Generally, Algebra is a class your child will take in middle school or at the beginning of high school. In Algebra, they will continue to learn about many of the concepts introduced to them in Pre-Algebra as well as many others. What they learn in this course will carry over to an Algebra 2, so one concept builds on another. This is important because it will help you to understand why your adolescent has trouble learning when they miss a concept.

Many times a math teacher will begin the year by reviewing the basic concepts in the previous subject. In this case that includes real numbers, functions and equations, polynomials, ratios, percents, square roots, exponents and powers, and Pythagorean Theorem. In Algebra, they move on to learning more advanced concepts in the following categories:
  • Equations and Formulas
  • Linear Functions
  • Inequalities
  • Exponents
  • Polynomials
Algebra is considered what some call a "gateway" subject. The reason for this is there are few jobs that do not require some sort of knowledge of algebraic concepts. Nursing, architecture, engineering, business, finance, computer science and more are all careers where you will find Algebra utilized. A mastery of Algebra now could save your child a great deal of trouble later.

How Algebra Tutoring Will Help Your Child

If your child is struggling with the Algebra, then one of two problems has occurred. They may have misunderstood a topic previously covered in Pre-Algebra, or they are having difficulty understanding the more advanced ideas found in an Algebra class. These are both problems that can be corrected with the help of an expert in the field of math such as math tutor.

Algebra Tutoring is a multi-step process. Jacqueline will first evaluate your child to find out what topics are giving them the most difficulty. After a thorough evaluation, she will develop a plan of action individualized to your child's needs. She aims to make Algebra a fun and exciting subject with engaging activities, but tutoring will also require your child to work hard if they are to improve. Math tutors utilize various activities, such as games and worksheets, to solidify mathematical concepts.

Your adolescent's math troubles will not end overnight, but with some hard work, you will see improvement. This will take a commitment to improvement on your part as well. You can do a great deal to help your child by encouraging them in these ways:
  • Address any confusion over math concepts immediately before it gets worse.
  • Continue to assist your child even if you remember very little about Algebra. Your presence may be all they need.
  • Learn the basics and help your child master them. Your effort alone will serve to encourage them.
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"Jacqueline is an amazing tutor and teacher of math. She is kind, considerate, and sincerely cares about the progress of my oldest son, who started falling behind when he enrolled in sports.

We didn't want to take him off  the team because of his grades, so hiring a Math Tutor was a perfect solution for us.

Jacqueline not only improved is his grades in math, but also gave him study habits for his other subjects.

Now, our son does well in school and sports."

-Jenny Z.
Garden City
Contact Garden City Math Tutor Jacqueline Muoio for Algebra Tutoring

Contact Garden City Math Tutor Jacqueline Muoio for Algebra Tutoring

Jacqueline possesses a passion for teaching and a love of math, which she brings to each and every one of her tutoring sessions. There is no greater catalyst for a student learning a difficult subject than a teacher passionate about their subject matter. If you wish to find out more about Jacqueline Muoio's tutoring services, please contact her for a free consultation.

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