About Jacqueline Muoio, Math Tutor

About Jacqueline Muoio, Math Tutor

My Qualifications to be Your Child's Math Tutor

It is has been my ambition in life to be a teacher since I was very young. I fell in love with math after finding myself helping my friends understand homework assignments as early as the sixth grade.

I am not a math geek, in fact, I have been on the kickline team all throughout high school, I've had full time jobs working my way through college, and I am very active in sports.

I'm just a regular person that loves math. I feel that is important for you to know because I think it makes me a better down-to-earth teacher, and communicator.

My teaching style incorporates a visual, auditory, and hands-on approach that has been very successful in helping other students improve their grades.

I feel my passion for math, as well as teaching, shows in all I have been able to accomplish at a great math college:
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Adelphi University
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics with Minors in Adolescent Education and Psychology
  • Masters in Adolescent Education
  • Hired out of college by a prominent High School
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Jacqueline Muoio, Garden City Math Tutor
When I accept the responsibility of tutoring your child, I apply the same dedication to doing everything within my power to help your son or daughter improve their math grades, but I do so with my unique teaching method where I make it fun to learn.

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