Algebra 2

Algebra 2 Tutor Garden City NY 11530

Algebra 2 Tutor Garden City NY 11530

Algebra 2 Tutoring in the Garden City Area

Your child is now in an Algebra 2 class, which means they made it through Pre-Algebra, Algebra and maybe even Geometry. However, their passage there does not mean they do not need Algebra 2 math tutoring now. Whether they have made it to this point with no bumps in the road or many, if your child is having difficulty with this course, it still needs to be addressed.

An Explanation of Algebra 2 and Why it is Important

Typically, Algebra 2 is taught to students at the high school level during grades 10-11. In Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Geometry your child built the foundation for Algebra 2. They will continue to expand upon concepts mastered previously, but they will also learn new ideas such as:
  •     Quadratic Equations
  •     Exponential Functions
  •     Logarithmic Functions
  •     An Introduction to Trigonometry
A high school student, who is able to master this subject, will save themselves a great deal of work in college. Many colleges will give a high school student, who has taken all of their algebra coursework, college credit. If they do not get college credit, they may be able to start at a higher level of math instead. This means that, depending on their major, they may be required to take very little math, and it could serve as quite the incentive for students that do not enjoy the subject. However, keep in mind that some degrees do require students to take a higher level of math than they were able to achieve prior to college.

If your child is in need of some encouragement, and wondering how Algebra is useful to them later in life, you can explain the many places where algebra is used on a daily basis. Google is a perfect example for many adolescents, who likely use this popular search engine on a daily basis.

In order for Google's search engine to function in a way that brings up popular searches, they must utilize algebra to build algorithms. Another example can be found in Astronomy, because algebra is used to calculate the distance between stars and planets in space. It may be a matter of finding a subject your child is passionate about, so you can show them how algebra is used in that subject.

How Algebra 2 Tutoring Will Help Your Child

If your child does have a history of difficulty with math you are likely watching carefully as they begin Algebra 2. Fortunately, most math teachers know that a review is necessary to refresh students' memories at the beginning of the year, so this is the perfect time to keep a close eye on a student with a history of math difficulty. If you see they are struggling with the review, you can immediately start Algebra 2 math tutoring before the problem becomes bigger and less manageable.

An Algebra 2 Math Tutor, such as Jacqueline Muoio, will help your child to sift through all of the concepts and find the ones that are confusing. It is with this information that she will tailor a tutoring plan fitted to their needs. Math tutors use many different activities depending on the needs of the student. Some of those activities may include:
  • Worksheets geared toward the concepts your child has trouble understanding.
  • Help with those notoriously difficult word problems.
  • Guidance in understanding textbook explanations of topics.
  • Help with new ideas such as quadratic equations, exponential functions and logarithmic functions, which are new in Algebra 2.
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"Jacqueline is an amazing tutor and teacher of math. She is kind, considerate, and sincerely cares about the progress of my oldest son, who started falling behind when he enrolled in sports.

We didn't want to take him off  the team because of his grades, so hiring a Math Tutor was a perfect solution for us.

Jacqueline not only improved is his grades in math, but also gave him study habits for his other subjects.

Now, our son does well in school and sports."

-Jenny Z.
Garden City
Contact Garden City Math Tutor Jacqueline for Algebra 2 Tutoring

Contact Garden City Math Tutor Jacqueline Muoio for Algebra 2 Tutoring 

Jacqueline has a passion for the subject of math as well as years of experience tutoring it. She is ready to address any problems your child may be experiencing with Algebra 2 and make a plan appropriate to their needs. Please contact her today, and consider a free consultation from Jacqueline in order that you may learn more about her math tutoring services..

Please contact me today, so we can get started as soon as possible.

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