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SAT Math Preparation Tutoring in the Garden City Area

It may seem like yesterday that your child had their first day of school, and now they are preparing for college. A part of that preparation includes taking the SAT for college applications. Whether your child is great at math, or it is not their best subject, they can benefit from expert SAT Math Preparation to help them refine those math skills needed for the SAT.

An Explanation of SAT Math and Why it is Important

The math section of the SAT includes basic arithmetic, geometry, algebra 1 and algebra 2. The test does not include any math concepts and ideas from trigonometry, pre-calculus or calculus. Some of the topics covered in the math section of this test include:
  • Algebraic Functions
  • Algebraic Formulas
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Probability
  • Analysis of Data
  • Statistics
  • Basic Mathematical Operations
Many students have a list of colleges they wish to apply to, and often times colleges have a minimum SAT score they require. If they do not have a minimum score, there may be statistical information available as to the average SAT score of students accepted to the school. Regardless, your child will likely need a certain score to get into their school of choice.

A student with high academic scores may not have to study as much, but this applies to few students. The average student aims for the best possible school they can attend, and this requires them to give their best effort when studying for this test.

It is hard to imagine that a test could determine your child's direction in life, but to some degree it can. Their performance on the SAT could potentially determine whether they are accepted into their college of choice. In turn, their college can determine their career direction. At the very least, a higher score will open up many more options to your child as far as where they can attend college.

How SAT Math Tutoring Will Help Your Child

One of the many challenges to preparing for the SAT math section is knowing where to focus your time and energy. This can be even more confusing for a high school student. However, an SAT Math Tutor is able to evaluate your strengths and weakness in comparison to the math skills needed for this test. Then they will be able to create for you an effective study plan tailored to your needs.

An experienced math tutor, such as Jacqueline Muoio, knows the right resources to use for your child. She will also be able to recommend any general resources as well as supplemental practice materials that will address your child's individual needs.

There are many SAT math courses available, but they will only provide a general overview of the math topics covered on the test. What they will not do is provide you with the individual attention that a math tutor will give your child.

Preparing for the SAT math section is hard work and will take an investment of your child's time. The following is a list of tips and ideas to help them as they prepare:
  • Start preparing long before your test date.
  • Focus on strengthening your weaknesses first.
  • Get a review book to guide you for when you study on your own.
  • Consider getting a study partner that has different strengths than you. You can help one another.
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"Jacqueline is an amazing tutor and teacher of math. She is kind, considerate, and sincerely cares about the progress of my oldest son, who started falling behind when he enrolled in sports.

We didn't want to take him off  the team because of his grades, so hiring a Math Tutor was a perfect solution for us.

Jacqueline not only improved is his grades in math, but also gave him study habits for his other subjects.

Now, our son does well in school and sports."

-Jenny Z.
Garden City
Contact Garden City SAT Math Preparation Tutor Jacqueline Muoio for More Information

Contact Garden City SAT Math Preparation Tutor Jacqueline Muoio for More Information

Jacqueline Muoio's years of experience tutoring math, and her expertise in several math courses make her the perfect SAT Math Tutor to assist your child as they study.

Please contact her for a free evaluation from Jacqueline in order to learn more about her math tutoring services.

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